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“The work of Duncan Disability has changed my life. Before I had Dana Duncan win my case for me, I was living with no money. Trying to raise my daughter was so hard. My husband’s income covered the house payment and the electric bill, but that’s about it. Being young was my biggest hurdle in winning my case, but Dana reassured me each time I talked to him that my medical records showed I had a strong case and he was able to win my case with an “On the Record” review.

After receiving my benefits, things are so different. Being able to fill my car all the way up with gas is still a strange feeling; I had gone a whole year without filling my gas tank all the way. Being able to get milk and bread when I need it is such a relief. Going to the grocery store and getting whatever I need and not having to buy the cheapest no-name brand is such a strange feeling! Being able to get shoes and clothes for my daughter that fit her, not having to send her to school with pants unbuttoned or that is too short for her, helps me feel better as a mom.

I don’t think that people understand the emotional toll that not being able to provide basics for your kids has on a mom. For me, I felt like such a failure and so worthless. Living with a disability is hard, but not being able to provide what my child needed was worse.

Duncan Disability has given me the opportunity to give my sweet little girl a semi-normal life. Everyone at DDL is so friendly and treats you like a friend. I wouldn’t recommend any other attorney but Dana!”

- Melissa L.,
 Clark County, WI 


"My case was incredibly difficult. My former employer, instead of paying my Social Security taxes, stole the money. When I became sick, Social Security said that I could not get disability because my insured status expired. Attorney Duncan explained to me that you have Disability Insurance eligibility from Social Security only so long after you quit working. Because my employer stole the money instead of paying the money to Social Security, the government said I was not eligible for benefits, despite my disability. I thought I was done and would never receive benefits.

Attorney Duncan researched the law and found that, if I thought I was paying into Social Security and could prove that the money was withheld but not paid, Social Security would have to credit my account and I would be eligible for benefits. He went all the way to Federal Court and the Judge agreed! I thought I won. Unfortunately, Social Security continued to fight the finding despite the Judge’s decision.

Attorney Duncan fought with Social Security for almost ten years. He never gave up. In 2011, he final obtained my benefits.

Iam sure that I would never have seen a dime without him. I am sure that most other lawyers would have given up years before. Attorney Duncan is a fighter and I am pleased to write this for him, a lawyer who doesn’t take “no” from Social Security."

- Donovan “Butch” Ivey
 Mosinee, WI

I developed severe impairment to both hands as a result of over 28 years of keyboarding required during my employment. The condition is referred to as “repetitive stress disorder”. My employer’s Worker’s Compensation Department sent a denial letter to me before even talking to me about my problems. I had gone to one attorney and was told he could do nothing for me. I then sought counsel of town to avoid any conflicts. I went to Attorney Dana Duncan to see if he could help me out. Seven hand surgeries later, Mr. Duncan saw that I received permanent Social Security Disability income and recovered a substantial award from my employer’s Worker’s Compensation carrier. We worked together over a couple of years and I was very satisfied with Mr. Duncan and his staff for their consideration and empathy in the handling of my case. I would definitely recommend you not accdpt “No” when you know you are hurt and it is work-related. I would recommend Attorney Dana Duncan to others who are in need of competent and through representation. 

- Colleen A., WI 


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