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Christine and Dana Duncan

Practicing Social Security Disability Law in Wisconsin with a National Federal Court Practice, Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation and Elder Law for Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney.

We are a law firm designed to make the disability process as easy and painless as possible.  Attorney Dana W. Duncan has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in Social Security Disability, from initial claims through Federal Circuit Court representation, Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation and our “new” addition, Elder Law – simple wills, small estates and powers of attorney to protect you, your medical decisions and your loved ones.


Service to our clients is not just an objective, but a requirement.


Attorney Duncan entered this field of law because of his interest in helping people fight against the government and insurance companies. He seeks to help you by evening the “playing field.” Attorney Duncan has experience and understanding of what you are going through – his mother was a diabetic who went blind due to retinopathy in her 40’s. He watched her cry over having to quit the job she loved. He also looked on as his father fought an insurance company over a back injury and then fought the Veteran’s Administration to give him his VA rating. Next, his father had to fight Social Security to give him disability benefits when his military injuries and age forced him to quit working later in life. These events profoundly changed him and changed his views about disability and Worker’s Compensation. He has built his career to assist those who need his aid. For these reasons, Duncan Disability Law was established and his focus is on helping you.


Duncan Disability Law Staff

Our personnel are trained to assist you in all aspects of Social Security Law – from initial application to the highest Federal Courts. We cover the entire state of Wisconsin, and our Federal Court practice covers Wisconsin, Michigan and licensing is pending in Minnesota. In addition, we have staff which assists with Worker’s Compensation claims and works diligently to insure you receive every bit of compensation for which you are entitled.


Our staff is designed to help and support your claim so you can focus on your health and your life and rest easy while letting us fight the government and the insurance companies on your behalf.


We have the experience and the knowledge.  “Our Expertise, Your Advantage.”

Member of NOSSCR, NADR and WAWCA.

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  • Social Security Disability
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  • Elder Law Wills, Estate Planning and Powers of Attorney